FAQs – We're happy to help!

This page will help answer some of the frequently asked questions we receive at Blu. If you question is still not answered from the information supplied on this page, please get in touch with our customer support team.

Broadband Services

The changeover to Blu is very easy, just call our Sales Team and they will talk you through the process

Yes you can, but some of our services come with an obligatory fixed line

Yes you can, please contact our Blu team to get more information

Please contact our sales team with the location of the building you would like Fibre to be installed, and we will let you know if it is available.

Firstly, we will take your details and request Fibre Optic service to be prioritised in your town and the more “pre-orders” we have the quicker our network will arrive. Secondly we will give you the best possible broadband speed with the alternative service we provide. If our Fibre Optic service is available you will be upgraded free of charge with no permanency or other charges applied.

We can usually install within 1 week of placing your order

The best site to check your internet speed is www.speedtest.net. Once you visit the site, click Go when you have selected the server you are testing. The speed test begin. You’re result will vary depending if your device is connected to an Ethernet cable, or if you are testing your speed through a Wi-Fi connection.

Mobile Services

Please contact us and we can activate the roaming for your phone, or visit the Blu shop.

We have monthly contracts for mobiles, so there is no permanency.

Yes, at the Blu shop you can purchase a mobile phone, or please contact us if you would like us to reserve a phone for you.

TV Services

Yes you can, as long as you have sufficient internet speed

Take the power line out and put it back in – it will automatically reboot

Your STB should come back on automatically (always to BBC1). If this doesn’t happen please unplug the power connection to your STB and plug in again.


If you have an account with Blu, you can view you account from this link: https://customer.blu.es/login Log in using your details.

We usually need your personal details, as well as a IBAN number and either NIE or Passport number.